Quad-Helix Methodology

The Quad-Helix of RightStar

The RightStar Alliance was formed to address the end-to-end GTM needs of portfolio companies of private equity firms. Our founding members account for every aspect of Brand, Marketing, Sales Effectiveness, and GTM Technology efforts. However, the real strength of RightStar is not in the totality of these efforts – it’s in the integration of each of the components with one another. The interaction between our varied subject matter experts provides for a holistic approach that improves GTM effectiveness and drives value creation.

Our Quad-Helix approach ensures integration at key touchpoints and hand offs, eliminating the need to get new partners or vendors up to speed while retaining and building on the institutional knowledge that has been gained. The intertwined nature of the team helps to create a final product that is far greater than just the sum of its parts.
Seeing an opportunity for a single platform of related technology solutions for the hospitality and healthcare sectors, a private equity firm acquired and rolled-up three businesses. With the merger came significant needs – from a net new name, brand, and cohesive story, to all of the cascading sales, marketing, and technology requirements of bringing three companies together. The business also needed to unite three sales and marketing teams into one high-functioning, well-oiled machine. To do this, several workstreams were put into place at once and the new leadership team was presented with a thoughtful revenue growth strategy, holistic go-to-market execution and optimization initiatives, a sales effectiveness program, and the underpinning of a cohesive go-to-market technology platform.