Mike is Managing Director of Private Equity for SBI. He helps lead value creation programs for PE firms and their portfolio companies.

He also assists with strategy development and deal model development with PE firm deal teams and their respective companies and targets.

Mike has the unique ability to uncover the things that will drive real equity value within companies, and then help the SBI team and company management teams lead the execution necessary to unlock that value. Mike is comfortable in a board room, on a sales call, or in front of spreadsheets building operating models and compensation plans. One of Mike’s biggest strengths is taking very complicated concepts, and finding a way to communicate them in an incredibly effective manner.

“Private Equity is an interesting audience – they suffer no fools.
So you need to be on your game-sharp, focused and results-driven.”

More about Mike

Mike helps clients find and drive the handful of things that really matter in creating equity value.

Palm Tree vs. Pine Tree

Pine Tree

Campfire vs. Couch


Crossword vs. Crossfit


Opera vs. Football