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David Carnes

David Carnes

OpFocus, Founder and CEO

Strategic Salesforce Consultants

OpFocus is focused on empowering companies to achieve growth goals by aligning Salesforce and GTM apps to the people, process, technology, data, and reporting needed to execute.

Operational Excellence on Salesforce

Ops excellence is achieved by viewing tech as one piece of a broader GTM system that includes people, processes, systems, data, and reporting.

Growth-focused Approach

Every engagement begins by asking ‘what is your current ARR and what does it need to be 12 months from now?’ The answer drives all future work to ensure it supports company growth goals.

Best Practices

Whenever possible, custom development is avoided in favor of SaaS best practices and existing frameworks that are repeatable and scalable.

Diversified Services

Complementing our core Salesforce services, OpFocus offers Marketo, Pardot, CPQ, Custom Development, and Strategic consulting services.

OpFocus Strategic Roadmap

The OpFocus Strategic Roadmap guides you through an end-to-end business process and systems evaluation, providing detailed recommendations of Salesforce enhancements that will drive your growth.

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How can we help?

We start with a simple, unified assessment of your GTM efforts – including brand, sales, marketing, and your tech stack – to provide options for helping your portfolio companies with growth.