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Core Team Members:

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

CEO & Managing Partner

John Kaplan

John Kaplan

President & Managing Partner

Joe Kaplan

Joe Kaplan

Managing Director, Investor Program

A Proven Process that Accelerates Business Value

Force Management specializes in customized sales transformations that help B2B companies fuel repeatable revenue growth, increase business predictability and gain market share.

Force Management’s Focus:

Custom Sales Solutions That Fuel Growth

The Force Management Investor Program and Command Series solutions equip portfolio companies with the foundation and discipline that fuels predictable revenue growth. Solutions are built “for you, by you” to ensure they’re relevant for sales teams and grounded in the portfolio company’s most pressing business objectives.

B2B Sales Experience & Proven Processes

Force Management’s methodologies are run by experienced executives who have led companies and transformed sales organizations. This wealth of experience is incorporated into their methodology, engagements and training to ensure results that drive valuation.

Alignment Behind the Sales Strategy

Organizations that scale sales success do so by aligning company leadership cross-functionally, on the sales strategy and message. This focus on generating leadership alignment behind the sales strategy differentiates Force Management from other sales effectiveness companies in the market.

Result-Driven Transformations That Stick

Customization, relevancy and a focus on driving cross-functional alignment and support from company leadership all contribute to the longevity of a sales transformation. Force Management supports portfolio company leaders in developing and launching a sales transformation in a way that drives adoption, reinforcement and accelerated business growth.

Featured Topic: Equip Your Companies With the Ability to Sell on Value

Drive consistent revenue growth and margins by ensuring portfolio companies have a repeatable mechanism to sell their value and differentiation. Support your portfolio company leaders in enabling the buyer-focused sales conversation.

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