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Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman

SBI, Sr Managing Director – Chief Strategy Officer, Practice Lead Private Equity

Josh Horstmann

Josh Horstmann

SBI, Partner

Ellen Wade

Ellen Wade

SBI, Engagement Manager

The premier platform for accelerating revenue growth.

Sales Strategy, Process, And Growth

SBI is a management consulting firm specializing in Sales & Marketing. We masterfully blend strategy with execution to help companies “make their number.”

Assessment, Due Diligence & 100 Day Planning

SBI will provide a critical perspective on Go-to-Market (GTM) strengths & weaknesses of the target investment. Risks will be outlined, and mitigation plans will be developed. A 100-day execution plan to improve the GTM outlook will be provided.

Value Creation Around an Investment Thesis

Value is created by the strategic implementation of SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology. Based on the investment thesis, a customized GTM strategy and execution plan is developed to capture value within the portfolio company.

Exit Process Preparation

SBI partners with companies, investment banks, and PE firms to ensure maximum value is realized at the time of sale. Messaging and analysis are carefully crafted for inclusion in the CIM to instill confidence in the value creation opportunities and the capabilities of the GTM team.

Want to Learn More About SBI?

The SBI Revenue Growth Methodology (RGM)

SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology brings the functional strategies into alignment with the CEO’s go-to-market strategy and the external marketplace.


How can we help?

We start with a simple, unified assessment of your GTM efforts – including brand, sales, marketing, and your tech stack – to provide options for helping your portfolio companies with growth.