A common strategy that PE firms execute to create greater value for their businesses and investors is to bring two or more complementary portfolio companies together. Successfully executing a Roll-Up is to have command of and partners to help with the many moving parts need to happen both quickly and with stellar quality. The RightStar Alliance team discusses where they specialize and how the combined groups add essential value to both the PE firm and the newly combined business.

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Add-ons as a percent of total transactions – The Latest Trend

As their biggest areas of focus at the moment, Brenna Garratt, CEO of Sustena, speaks about her experience with Add-ons.

Key Considerations and Advice for Add-Ons and Roll-Ups

Brenna Garratt shares how rolling-up three known companies is easier to do than a Platform-Play where some of the Add-on companies are not yet known.

Adrian Barek, VP of Partnerships at OpFocus, gives expert advice on tech stack and tech planning for sales and marketing.

Ellen Wade, Engagement Manager at SBI, speaks about advice and steps that the SBI team takes when engaging with Roll-up situations.

Final advice for those facing a Roll-Up or Acquisition

Some final thoughts and advice from each member of the alliance.

If your team is facing this challenge and would like to discuss how the RightStar Alliance can streamline the process, connect with a member of our coalition.