Our Focus on Value Creation

The first year of an investment can set the growth trajectory for the duration of the business.

RightStar’s belief and experience makes the case that no business function has the potential to create greater long-term equity value than the strategy and execution of how a company goes to market.

Drawing on our collective experience partnering with over 150 PE firms and 450+ portfolio companies our members provide the essential expertise to achieve sustained growth.

Private Equity Firms
Portfolio Companies
Value Created

You can make the case that no business function has the potential to create more sustained, long-term equity value than the sales and marketing functions.

Focused on private equity-backed portfolio companies, the RightStar Alliance is a seamless team of expert partners who can deliver every aspect of brand development, marketing, sales, revenue growth, and GTM technology.

“Informally several of us would meet to ‘talk-PE’. This led to ‘what if we created a trusted community of experts private equity firms or their portfolio companies could engage?’ This was the genesis of the RightStar Alliance.”

Brenna Garratt
CEO, of Sustena, and a Founding Member of the RightStar Alliance

Our Key Audiences

RightStar is focused on serving the needs of private equity and venture capital firms, investor-backed portfolio companies and the adjacent influencers in the market who help these firms and businesses.

Private Equity Firms

Value Creation Teams
Portfolio Operations
Deal Team Partners
Operating Partners

Portfolio Companies

Chief Executive Officers
Chief Marketing Officers
Chief Revenue/Sales Officers
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers

Market Influencers

Management Consultants
Investment Bankers
Corporate Investment/Venture Units

RightStar’s Founding Team Members

A group of four like-minded strategic partners developed and now guide the alliance as it grows to include more GTM value creation experts.

B2B Brand Development and Go-to-Market Activation Firm

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The Premier Platform for Accelerating Revenue Growth

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Revenue Operations Experts passionate about Tech Stack Scalability

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A Proven Process that Accelerates Business Value
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Rightstar’s Helix Methodology

RightStar’s Helix Methodology will outline and guide how our members organize their processes to leverage economies of scale and deliver greater outcomes for our clients.
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