When a PE firm embarks on a Roll-Up or Carve-Out strategy, there are many decisions and activities that need to be made and to ensure its success – including operations, finance, sales, and related functions. The RightStar Alliance was intentionally built to provide PE-backed portfolio companies with a seamless team of expert partners who can deliver every aspect of brand development, marketing, sales, revenue growth, and GTM technology.

For highlights to learn more about us, the inspiration for this coalition, and the value we provide, see the links below.

Inspiration for the RightStar Alliance 

Mike Hoffman, Senior Managing Director at SBI, talks about the challenges he ran into as a private equity operating partner that inspired the collective methodology behind the RightStar Alliance.

How the RightStar Alliance Helps Private Equity

Adrian Barek, VP of Partnerships at OpFocus, touches on how each firm is hyper-focused on their core competencies, rather than trying to be a “jack of all trades but master of none.”

Ellen Wade, Engagement Manager at SBI, explains the three core attributes this alliance can bring: speed-to-benefit, capability, and capacity.

Bryan Jenkins, Senior Director at Sustena, speaks to how the RightStar engagement philosophy comes down meeting our client’s needs.

Our Contributions

Brenna Garratt, CEO of Sustena, shares how vital a brand foundation is to new or evolving businesses and how this strategic underpinning complements the other founding members of the RightStar Alliance.

Adrian Barek discusses how the marketing tech stack is essential to success, and Ellen Wade explains how SBI aligns with the rest of the alliance.

The RightStar Alliance in One-Two Words 

To connect with a member of this coalition and discuss the extent we’re able to provide value, let’s schedule some time to connect.