David Carnes

OpFocus, Founder and CEO

David Carnes worked for three software companies at the intersection between technology and business operations, before founding OpFocus. Along the way he earned a Masters in Software Engineering. David is a regular speaker at Salesforce events around the world and the host of Dashbboard Dōjō, a monthly training series on Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

“OpFocus’ partnership with Private Equity has allowed us to focus on SaaS companies most in need of scaling their operations quickly, through effective optimization of systems, data, process and reporting.”


When not sharing insights on the Salesforce platform, David can be found in the kitchen trying out a new whole foods plant based recipe or out exploring an art museum.

  • Downtown vs. Off Road: Off Road
  • Fine Art vs. Modern Art: Fine Art
  • Sweetened Iced Tea vs. Unsweetened: Unsweetened
  • Dickens vs. Austen: Dickens


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